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WebCopier Pro lets you save copies of your favorite webpages
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Being able to browse through a certain website when you don't have an Internet connection can be an important advantage. Programs like WebCopier Pro offer the functionality that you require for such a feat.

This program will definitely come in handy to students who want to download learning material for later study sessions. My only concern regarding this application is that it might seem a bit overwhelming to inexperienced users as its interface displays a large number of buttons and utilities.

As for the rest, the application offers a very useful project wizard which will guide you through the webpage downloading steps. You will have access to various download configurations, like search filters selections, site links limit settings, etc.

WebCopier Pro will also allow you to download the content from webpages that require to entry your username and password (you can enter these details during wizard configuration).

I must say that this application proved to be a great addition to my work-related programs as I could easily complete my tasks even though I didn't have an Internet connection.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Gives you access to a large set of download configurations
  • You can select the format for the files you wish to download
  • You can schedule downloads
  • Available in many languages


  • Might seem overwhelming to inexperienced users
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